TR2500 Secondary Shredder

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UNTHA shredding technology
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TR 2500


The TR series has been specially developed for the RDF/SRF production.


Transform waste into energy!

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Function and set-up


During the reduction process the hydraulically regulated ram presses the material onto the rotor. The material is shredded against the stator bar. The screen determines the final size of the shredded material. The material is then removed via a conveyor belt (optional).


Revolutionary design


The attractive design and the GRP protection covers are something completely new for the shredding industry.

The advantages of safety covers:

  • Machine parts are well protected against dirt
  • The drive systems are sound-proofed to reduce noise emission to a minimum.

Easy maintenance

  • All service doors can be opened at the press of a button
  • The automatic central lubrication system supplies all the designated lubrication points with sufficient grease so that manual greasing with a grease gun is no longer necessary
  • The newly developed hydraulic system does not require an oil cooler eliminating the need for complicated cleaning activity
  • The innovative fixing system for the screen trays enables them to be removed and replaced rapidly
  • The hydraulically pre-tensioned stator bar removes the need for high-maintenance slip clutches

Perfect protective system for unshreddables

The combination of slower rotor rev counts and an adjustable hydraulic pressure system for the pretensioned stator bar offers comprehensive protection from unshreddables. These materials can be easily disposed of via the hydraulically operated waste exit door.



Patented quick change cutting system

Rotor blades: The blades are mounted onto a cutter holder system. Depending on the type of machine in use the system can be removed by unscrewing at just 9 to 18 points. Thereby the cutters can be changed within a very short time.

Stator blades: The gap between the rotor and stator blades can be freely adjusted.

The 4-fold usability of the blades guarantees lower wear expense.



Energy-saving drive system

The TR series is equipped with a modern energy saving device. The high pin count, air-cooled, asynchronous machine is currently one of the most efficient solutions available in terms of consumption, enabling operators to save up to 6000 kWh per year.



The power regulated hydraulic press-feed system ensures that materials are fed in even volumes, even bulky parts, ensuring the reliable achievement of throughput targets.


The advantages of optional frequency converter control:

  • Machine starting peaks reduced
  • Free rev count regulation from 0 - 180 rpm
  • Idle current compensation via frequency converter
  • For the ejection of shreddables and for maintenance work the rotor is designed to run at a safe speed of 2 rpm